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Generating EOBs from ERAs

What is the problem?

An EOB is needed to provide to a secondary payer but was not delivered by the primary with the ERA.

What fix is Kareo providing?

We are now advising practices to utilize a versatile and easy to use solution to generate EOBs. 

The solution is called Medicare Remit Easy Print (MREP) and can be used to access and print remittance advice information. While the application is not owned or affiliated with Kareo, we've found our customers are very happy with this free, simple tool.

What benefits does Easy Print provide?  

Easy Print can be used to print ANSI 835 (remit) files. It is also helpful for billing secondary payers on paper, billing Medicaid TX, or reading remark codes transmitted on the file. We have heard positive feedback on its ability to produce EOBs for specific patients only. Several practices shared with us that they were having to crop, black out, or use other techniques to remove ancillary patient PHI from their EOBs before submiting to payers. This simple tool can eliminate much of that hassle.

How to install Easy Print software? 

Download the Easy Print software from the CMS Website and install the application.

  1. Click the link highlighted in yellow below to download the zip file. (Don't worry if you see a different version number than highlighted below).

  1. Open the zipped folder you downloaded. Double click the file named Medicare Remit Easy Print.msi to install the software.

How to Print an EOB in Easy Print?

Once installed, open the ERA you need in Kareo and click the Save As button at the bottom of the window. Save the ERA file to your computer.
In the Easy Print software, click Import and locate the file on your computer.

The patient name(s) will populate in the bottom of the window. Check the box next to the name of the patient you would like to print an EOB for and click Claim Details.


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