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Enter Interest Payment

Updated: 02/01/2022
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An interest payment can be entered once an encounter with a service line and charge for the interest is created. Once the encounter is created, the interest payment amount can then be applied to the outstanding balance.

Enter Interest Charge and Payment

  1. Create a new encounter with the following information under the Procedures section.
    • Procedure: Enter INTEREST : Finance Charge as the procedure code.
      Note: The interest procedure code is already included in the Kareo database. If it is not available for selection, the code may be deactivated. Edit the procedure as necessary, log out and back into Kareo, then create the new encounter
    • Unit Charge: Enter the interest amount as the charge amount.
  2. Complete the encounter as necessary. Then, click Approve.
  1. Enter a new payment or find the payment with the interest paid amount and apply it to the encounter created.
  2. When finished, click Save.


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