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Apply Payments from Patient or Other Payers

After a payment has been entered (see Enter Payments from Patient or EOB), the appropriate amounts of the payment are applied to the service lines within the Kareo PM system.

To apply payments

  1. After payment information has been entered on the General tab click Apply Now.
  2. On the Apply tab, select the encounter or the patient.
  3. Select the service line and enter payment amount: See below.
  4. Once payment has been applied, do one of the following:
  • Click Next Line to move to the next service line.
  • Click Add Patient to select another patient.
  • Click Save & New to save the payment record and enter a new payment.
  • Click Save to save the payment record.

New Payment - Apply.jpg

  1. Lines of service associated with the patient.
  2. List of transactions as payment is being applied.
  3. Patient name and ID.
  4. Paid: Enter the amount you want to apply to the service line.
  5. Status: How any remaining balance will be handled after the payment has been applied. You can override Default by selecting an action from the drop-down list. Optional: Select a Status reason code from the drop-down list on the right.
  6. Note: (Optional) Enter any free form notes as necessary.

*You can use your Tab key to navigate to each field.*

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