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Service Line Revenue Code is required. 2400.SV2*01

Rejection Message

Service Line Revenue Code is required. 2400.SV2*01

Rejection Details

UB-04 Institutional Rejection

This rejection indicates the claim is missing the Revenue Code.


Follow the instructions below to populate the revenue code from the encounter:

  1. Click Encounters > Track Claim Status. The Find Claim window opens.
  2. Look for and double-click on the encounter that needs correcting. The Edit Claim window opens.
  3. Double-click on the Encounter number.  The Edit Encounter window opens.
  4. Navigate to the Procedures section and select a Rev Code from the drop-down.
  5. Click Save & Rebill.

Then, resubmit all affected claims.


Tip: Most subscription levels include access to a free code scrubbing tool on the Encounter. Utilizing this feature for all encounters can help prevent code rejections.

Note: Kareo Support cannot provide coding assistance. Please contact your biller/coder with any CPT or ICD code questions.