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Rendering Provider: Entity's tax id

Rejection Message Rejection Details Resolution
Rendering Provider: Entity's tax id

Note: This rejection message is specific to
United Health Care.

This rejection indicates the practice’s Tax ID is not in United Health Care’s system.

Submitter Action:

There are three possible solutions the submitter may follow to correct

1. The submitter may drop the claim to paper.

  • Once the claim is received the UHC Claims Department will send the claim to the UHC Demographics team. The provider information will then be loaded into the UHC provider database and future claims for this line of business will be processed correctly.

2. The provider can call the UHC demographics team at 877-842-3210.

  • In the IVR (automated phone) system
  • Enter the billing Tax ID number.
  •  Say “Other Healthcare Professional Services.”
  •  Say “Demographics Team.”
  • The provider will then be advised on what steps to take to be loaded into the UHC provider database for the member’s line of business.

3. The provider may work with their UHC network account manager to have their information loaded into the UHC provider database for the member’s line of business.

  • To determine your UHC network account manager, the provider can go to:

Follow the instructions below for solution 1 to
print paper claims:

1. Rebill all affected claims.

2. Click Encounters > Print Paper Claims.

3. Narrow the filters for the Start Date, Insurance Company and Patient as needed.

4. Choose the claim type for the insurance company.

5. Click Print Claims.

6. Once printed, select Yes to indicate that the claims have been printed.

If solution 2 or 3 were taken: rebill and resubmit the affected claims once United Health Care has the practice’s Tax ID in their system.

No further steps for resolving within Kareo.