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Insured or Subscriber: Policy Canceled

Rejection Message Rejection Details Resolution
Insured or Subscriber: Policy canceled.

This rejection means that the patient’s insurance policy included on the claim was not eligible for the date of service billed. 

Submitter Action:

1. (If available) run an eligibility check for the patient within Kareo to check for active coverage for the claim's DOS.

2. Then verify all of the following (against the patient's insurance card):

  • Patient Name, Gender, and Date of Birth
  •  Patient Insurance Policy #
3. Verify the patient's eligibility with the payer for the date of service being billed. 
  •  If by phone, note the case number of the inquiry and phone number called.
  •  If by payer portal, print the patient eligibility.
If all patient demographics and eligibility are confirmed by the payer, please contact Kareo Support for further assistance.

Note: Kareo's clearinghouse partners require a copy of the patient's insurance card (front and back) in order to research eligibility rejections. Please ensure this has been uploaded to the patient record in Kareo.

Tip: Most Kareo Billing subscription levels include access to a free eligibility check feature which can be used with many payers to verify a patient has active coverage. Utilizing this feature prior to submitting claims for a patient can help prevent this type of rejection.

Follow the instructions below to edit the patient’s demographics (if needed):

1. Click Patient > Find Patient.

2. Look for and open the patient record that needs correcting. 

3. Update the patient Full Name, Date of Birth, and/or Gender as needed.

4. Click Save.

Then, rebill and resubmit all affected claims. 


Follow the instructions below to edit the patient’s policy number (if needed):

Click Encounters > Track Claim Status.

1. Look for and double-click on the encounter that needs correcting. 

2. Double-click on the Case

3. Double-click on the appropriate Insurance Policy.

4. Correct the Policy # and Group # as needed.

5. Click Save all the way out (multiple saves may be required). 

6. Then, rebill and resubmit all affected claims. 


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