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NDC code [] is invalid. Procedure code <CPT> NDC code [] must be 11 digits


Rejection Message

NDC code [] is invalid. Procedure code <CPT> NDC code [] must be 11 digits.

Edit the procedure code under Settings > Codes > Find Procedure.

Find procedure code 'CPT' and edit the NDC and make sure it has 11 digits. Dashes (-) are ignored.

Rejection Details

Kareo Validation Error

This rejection indicates the claim includes a procedure (CPT/HCPCS) code with an invalid 11 digit NDC (National Drug Code) Number.  See Converting NDCs From 10 Digits to 11 Digits for help with NDC conversions.  

Note: Since claims rejected within Kareo are not forwarded to the clearinghouse you will be unable to generate timely filing for that submission until validation errors have been corrected and the claim resubmitted.


Follow the instructions below to correct the NDC code:

  1. Click Settings > Codes > Find Procedures. The Find Procedure window opens.
  2. Look for and open the Procedure. The Edit Procedure window opens.
  3. Change the NDC Number to the correct 11-digit format.
    1. If a unit qualifier is required, enter the NDC in the following format:
    2. Valid Drug Unit Code Qualifiers:
      • F2 -International Unit
      • GR -Gram
      • ME -Milligram
      • ML -Milliliter
      • UN -Unit
  4. Click Save.

Then, rebill and resubmit all affected claims.