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Billing Provider Name is too Long

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Billing Provider Name is too Long

Kareo Validation Error

This rejection indicates that the billing provider name exceeds 35 characters.

Claims billed with a billing provider name longer than 35 characters (including spaces) will reject at the clearinghouse; therefore Kareo has held the claim until the error has been corrected. You must correct the error and resubmit the claims in order for them to be delivered to the payer.
Note: Since claims rejected within Kareo are not forwarded to the clearinghouse you will be unable to generate timely filing for that submission until validation errors have been corrected and the claim resubmitted.

Follow the instructions below to shorten the billing provider name:

  1. Click Settings > Practice Information.
  2. Shorten the Name for the practice to 35 characters or less including spaces.
  3. Click Save all the way out.

Then, rebill and resubmit all affected claims.