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View Clearinghouse Report Rejections

This section is an overview of how to make corrections to rejected claims. Once corrections have been made to an encounter, you will have the option to rebill all claims or a single claim associated with the encounter record.


View Clearinghouse Report

These reports are generated on a daily depending on the time the claims were submitted. Kareo Internal Reports are generated within a few hours after submitting electronic claims.

  1. Click Encounters > Clearinghouse Reports. The Find Clearinghouse Report window opens.
  2. Click the Claim Processing tab.
  3. Kareo Rejection Troubleshooting Guide: Click to view help articles to troubleshoot and resolve common rejections.
  4. Report details:
    • ID: Clearinghouse report ID assigned by Kareo.
    • Report: Type of report marked as Processing, ERA, Statement, and Other.
    • Type: Where the report originated. Internal, Clearinghouse or Payer.
    • Source: Specific clearinghouse or payer.
    • Received: Date the file was received in Kareo.
    • Reviewed: Whether the report was marked as reviewed.
    • Notes: Brief report description.
    • Comments: Populated from Comments added on the report.
  5. To open, highlight the report and click View or double-click on the report.

Review Rejections

The claim processing includes Kareo's, the clearinghouse's, and the payer's acknowledgements/rejections.

  1. Kareo Claim ID: Click to access the encounter.
    • Numeric before the "z" is the encounter number.
    • Numerics after the "z" is the Kareo account ID.
  2. Message: Details about the rejection. If available, click on the link to view the related rejection help article.
  3. Status: The claim is acknowledged (ACK) or rejected (REJ).
  4. Comments: Enter comments to add reminders or collaborate with other staff members.
  5. Save: Click to save the changes.
  6. Print: Click to print the report. Comments will not be printed.
  7. Mark As Reviewed: Click after reviewing a report and further action is not required.

Fix Rejections

For the most common rejections and resolutions, go to Claim Rejections.

Depending on the rejection, changes may need to be made from the encounter, claim, practice settings, or provider settings. Contact Kareo Support if assistance is required.

When all corrective actions are completed, rebill and resubmit all affected claims.


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