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View Clearinghouse Report Rejections

This section is an overview of how to make corrections to rejected claims. Once corrections have been made to an encounter, you will have the option to rebill all claims or a single claim associated with the encounter record.

To make corrections and rebill one or more claims

  1. Click Encounters >Clearinghouse Reports.
  2. Double click a report.
  3. View the rejection description. To view a list of the most common claim rejections and corrections see the Claims Rejection page. 

Find Clearinghouse Reports - Noted.jpg

  1. Click to view all claim processing reports.
  2. Indicates if report is from Kareo PM (Internal), clearinghouse or payer.
  3. Number of claims in the report.
  4. Number of claims rejected in the report.
  5. Indicates if report has been marked "Reviewed."
  6. Check to view only unreviewed reports.


  1. Click the Claim ID link to access the encounter record and make corrections. Some corrections are done directly in the encounter record, while other corrections are made to your Kareo PM settings; please see Tips below. Always save your corrections.

Clearinghouse Report - Claim ID.jpg

Note: The Claim ID is composed of two sets of numbers separated by a Z: In the example above, 695 = encounter record number, 14 = company ID (your individual company ID will always remain the same).

  1. After making corrections, you are now ready to rebill. To rebill the entire encounter, click Save and Rebill at the bottom of the window.
  2. To rebill only a specific claim, click Show Claims at the bottom of the window; this opens the Find Claims window displaying all claims associated with the encounter.
  3. Click Action at the bottom and select Rebill.
  4. Click Apply on the right of the window. A message will appear asking if you would like to rebill all claims associated with the encounter:
  • Click Yes: All claims are set to rebill.

  • Click No: Only selected claim is set to rebill.

  1. Return to the report on the Clearinghouse Report window and click Mark As Reviewed.
  2. Once you are finished setting one or more claims to rebill, you must resubmit them. Click Submit E-Claims.

Find Claim - Rebilling.jpg


  • Kareo PM Internal Reports are generated within a few hours after submitting electronic claims. A good practice is to check reports regularly; for example, if you submit claims in the afternoon, check the reports as a first task the next day.
  • Clearinghouses will reject duplicate claims. It is recommended to wait three (3) business days before resubmitting corrected claims.
  • Many corrections can be made directly in the encounter record by clicking active buttons, clicking in the information fields or clicking underlined information (which hyperlinks to where you can make changes).
  • Certain rejections will require changes to your Kareo PM settings such as service locations; click Settings in the top menu to make these kinds of corrections.
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