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Duplicate of a Previously Processed Claim/Line

Rejection Message Rejection Details Resolution


Payer Rejection:

This rejection message indicates that the payer has received the exact claim or service before. 

Submitter Action:

Contact the payer to verify the status of the previous claim submission and determine if the claim needs to be corrected and (if so) how to properly resubmit.

There are two potential resolutions:

1. Update the encounter (if necessary) so that it is not being resubmitted with the exact same information as the previous submission. 

2. If the claim needs to be resubmitted as a corrected claim (per payer request), follow the instructions below to enter the submit reason on the encounter:

  1. Click Encounters > Track Claim Status.
  2. Look for and double-click on the encounter that needs correcting.
  3. On the Edit Claim window, double-click on the Encounter number. 
  4. Click the arrows next to Miscellaneous to expand.
  5. Select the correct “Submit Reason” code. The Submit Reason code depends on the payer’s requirements. Contact the payer directly with any questions about correct claim submissions.
  6. Enter the Payer Doc Ctrl #.
  7. If rebilling the claim, the payer may require the Submit Reason to appear in other areas of the claim.
  • On Paper: Enter information in the appropriate field – either box 10D or 19.
  • Electronically: Write the Submit Reason as an e-claim by selecting Additional Information in the e-Claim Note Type.
  1. Click Save & Rebill.


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