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Modifier 2 cannot be the same as Modifier 3 or 4

Rejection Message Rejection Details Resolution

Modifier 2 cannot be the same as Modifier 3 or 4


This rejection indicates that the Modifier is not valid for the current year or it is not in the correct format. Modifier codes are two alphanumeric characters.

There are 3 possible reasons for this coding rejection:  

1.    Invalid Modifier (either on a global or payer level).
2.    Missing/Duplicate Modifier.
3.    Invalid HCPCS/ Modifier combination.

Submitter Action:

Please verify that the procedure modifiers included on the claim are valid for the service date per payer billing guidelines.

Follow the instructions below to edit the modifiers included on an encounter:

  1. Click Encounters > Track Claim Status.
  2. Look for and double-click on the encounter that needs correcting.
  3. On the Edit Claim window, double-click on the Encounter number.
  4. Click into the Mod cell and replace the modifier, as needed.
    • To delete a modifier, select the modifier and click “Delete” on your keyboard.
  5. Click Save and Rebill.

Then, resubmit all affected claims.