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Multi-Practice Provider FAQs

Answers to the most common multi-practice provider questions.

Question Answer
What is a multi-practice provider? A provider who is activated in two or more practices within a single account.
How are multi-practice providers invoiced? Providers are charged one subscription fee per module, subject to the Provider using and correctly inputting the same name, NPI, and other user information in connection with all relevant practices. Multi-practice provider pricing only applies to subscription pricing for Tebra.
I am a multi-practice provider, but I'm being charged multiple times, how do I fix this? Provider's name, NPI and user information must be exactly the same in all practices to qualify as a multi-practice provider. For example, if the provider's name is "John Doe" in practice A but "Jon Doe" in practice B, the provider will not qualify as a multi-practice provider.

To ensure the provider is only charged once, edit the provider's information in all practices to match exactly. Edits can be completed in the Web Platform or the Desktop Application (PM).
Who do I contact for additional questions regarding multi-practice providers? Contact us by phone at (888) 775-2736 or create a case.  Please use your Account ID Number, Invoice Number, Case Number, and/or User Account to identify your account.


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