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Kareo Help Center

Manage your Account

System administrators can make changes at any time to the account's billing address and payment information through My Account.

Access My Account

There are two ways to access My Account:

    Log into with your Kareo credentials. The My Account page opens.
  1. Click My Account on any Help Center article and log in with your Kareo credentials. The My Account page opens.

Manage Profile

View or edit your contact information.

  1. Click Manage Profile under Billing. The Manage My Profile page opens.
  2. If needed, update the Billing Address, Primary Contact Info, or Owner Info.
  3. Click Save Info.

Invoice History

View your current and previous payment statements.

  1. Click Invoice History under Billing. The Invoice History page opens.
  2. Click Download to view the invoice.

Change Payment Information

Change the credit card or ACH payment information used to process monthly payments on your Kareo account.

Note: To avoid interruptions in services, the name on the card and the address must match the information on file with your credit card company or bank.

  1. Click Change Payment Information under Billing. The Change Payment Information page opens.
  2. Select "Pay By Credit Card" or "Pay By Direct Debit".
  3. Populate all fields.
  4. Click Save New Payment Information.

Cancel Account

Send your cancelation request to Kareo Support no less than 10 days before the end of the month per Section 8 of Kareo's Customer Agreement.

Note: To avoid delays, the request must be sent by the account owner.

  1. Email with the following information:
    1. Account name and Kareo ID
    2. Best contact phone number and email
    3. Module(s) you wish to cancel: Billing, Clinical, or Engage
  2. The Cancelation Specialist Team will reach out as soon as possible.
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