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Payments Summary Report

Report Purpose

This report provides a summary of the payments received by the practice for a designated reporting period.


Use this report to get a quick breakdown of the payments received by the practice for a reporting period.

Common Use

As part of a practice's period report (day, month, quarter or year).

Kareo PM Recommendation

Though this is more of a basic report, custom options allow a practice to analyze day-to-day payment trending by generating the report by Post Date (Group by). The posting date column provides a link to the Payment Details Report to see a complete breakdown of the payment posted on the posting date.

arrow_orange.jpgTo access and customize the Payments Summary Report

  1. Click Reports > Payments > Payment Summary.
  2. Select filters.

Payment Summary Report Filters.jpg

  1. Batch #: Select a specific batch number or leave blank to include all batches.
  2. Payment Method: Select a specific payment method or leave blank to include all payment methods.
  3. Payer Type: Select a specific payer type or choose "All" to include all payer types.
  4. Group by: Group the report results by designating a group value.
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