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Patient Financial History Report

Report Purpose

This report provides a basic history of the patient’s financial activity.


An ideal financial ledger that a practice can provide patients requesting an accounting of their financials with the practice.

Common Use

Commonly used as patient financial ledger for a requested time period.

Kareo PM Recommendation

This report, along with the Patient Transactions Detail Report, is commonly used to explain a patient's financial history with the practice to them. Note that the Patient Transactions Detail Report provides more information, though each practice can determine which version is more appropriate for such a patient request.

This report provides current outstanding balances (insurance and patient) similar to the patient’s statement and is typically what patients are looking for when requesting for a financial ledger.

arrow_orange.jpgTo access and customize the Patient Financial History Report

  1. Click Reports > Patients > Patient Financial History.
  2. Select filters.


Patient Transaction Detail Filters.jpg

  1. Patient: Either leave blank to report on all patients with financial activity within the reporting period or click the Patient box to select a specific patient.
  2. Procedure: Either leave blank to show all procedures within the reporting period or enter a valid procedure code to limit the report to a specific code.
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