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Unpaid Insurance Claims Report

Report Purpose

This report is a work list report of unpaid insurance claims with appropriate claim detail required to perform claim follow-up with payers.


Provides the practice a work list of outstanding claims.

Common Use

Used by the practice biller to follow-up on outstanding insurance claims.

Kareo PM Recommendation

Leverage the customization options to allow a targeted approach to the outstanding claims – from the aging of the claim (Date of Service Age), payer (Insurance), and minimum balance (Balance).

arrow_orange.jpgTo access and customize the Unpaid Insurance Claims Report

  1. Click Reports > Accounts Receivable > Unpaid Insurance Claims.
  2. Click Customize > Select filters.


  1. Insurance: Select a specific insurance plan or leave blank to include all insurance plans.
  2. Provider: Select a specific rendering provider or leave blank to include all providers.
  3. Service Location: Select a specific service location or leave blank to include all service locations.
  4. Balance: Select to define the minimum service line balance or leave as "All" to include all outstanding insurance claims.
  5. Date of Service Age: Select to target a specific claim aging based on the service date.
  6. Begin Billing Date: Select to narrow the report to a specific billing begin date.
  7. End Billing Date: Select to restrict the report to a specific billing end date.
  8. Batch #: Select a specific batch number or leave blank to include all batches.
  9. Show More?: Select to determine if the transaction notes will show when printing or saving as PDF.
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