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View Revenue Cycle Performance Report

For Kareo Suite users, the Revenue Cycle Performance feature gives you a quick sense of your billing and collections performance. The performance ratings are based on goals you set with your biller for claim submission and ERA posting turnaround times. Kareo PM application administrators select the settings in Kareo PM, including visibility permissions, and the Revenue Cycle Performance can then be viewed in both Kareo PM and Kareo EHR.

  • Visibility: The Revenue Cycle Performance is initially only visible to Kareo PM application administrators. To give other users permission, see the Kareo PM help article.
  • Claim Submission: This is the number of days from when an encounter is created in Kareo PM to when it is sent to a clearinghouse.
  • ERA Posting: This is the number of days from when the ERA is received within Kareo PM to the time it is posted.

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