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About Document Management

Faxed, scanned or digital (Word, Excel, PDF) documents can be stored or attached to various records within Kareo PM. A document record includes the actual file and any descriptive information that you may add about the document. If you are a Kareo Suite user, documents you upload through Kareo PM, Kareo EHR, or through your mobile device, are automatically viewable and accessible in both systems.

There are two places to store documents in Kareo PM:

  • Documents storage area of the application. Faxed or scanned documents end up here and can then be attached to certain records that allow document attachment.
  • Specific records that allow document attachment: patient, encounter, payment, provider or appointment.

The document storage allowance in Kareo PM is a maximum of 100MB per month, per provider; if your storage exceeds 100MB for a provider within a month, your account will be charged extra for each additional 100MB of storage space. Because scanned documents can take up a large amount of storage space, see Document Storage Policy & Best Practices for more information.

For more information on managing documents, see the following sections:

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