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Missing Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Inquiry

Updated: 02/23/2022
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Payer delays, enrollment related issues, or technical issues at the clearinghouse are possible causes that may prevent an electronic remittance advice (ERA) to successfully route to your Kareo account. For quick access to submit a missing ERA support case directly from the Desktop Application (PM), you can use the Missing Electronic Remittance Inquiry Request feature.

Submit Missing Electronic Remittance Inquiry Request

  1. Click Encounters Clearinghouse Reports. The Find Clearinghouse Report window opens.
  2. Click Missing Electronic Remittance Inquiry Request. The Missing Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Inquiry form opens in a web browser.
  1. Before moving forward, review the information to ensure the missing ERA meets the requirements for Kareo Support to research and all the information needed to complete the form is readily available.
    Note: Each form allows up to five missing remits to be submitted for the same payer.
  2. Once finished, click Next. The Primary Contact, Practice and Payer Information sections display.
  1. Review and enter the necessary information.
    1. Primary Contact section: This contact is who Kareo Support will reach out to regarding the missing ERA inquiry.
      • Contact Name and Email: Auto-populates with the name and email address associated with the user currently logged into Kareo when the form was opened. Enter a different primary contact name and valid email address if necessary.
        Note: Kareo Support will need to complete further user verification if the submitted contact name and email address does not match a Kareo user in the practice.
      • Contact Phone Number: Auto-populates with the contact phone number under the Practice Information in Kareo. This is the secondary method of contact if Kareo Support is unable to reach the primary contact via email. Enter a different contact phone number if necessary.
    2. Practice Information section: 
      • Kareo ID and Practice Name: Auto-populates based on the account and practice the user is currently logged into when the form was opened.
      • NPI: Enter the National Provider Identifier (NPI) that is enrolled with the payer for ERA services.
    3. Payer Information section:
      • Payer Name: Enter the name of the payer for the missing remit(s).
      • Payer ID: Enter the payer's ID number used by the clearinghouse for electronic services. This ID can be found under the Insurance # column on the Enrollments Dashboard.
  2. Click Next. The Check Information section displays.
  1. Enter the Check Number, Date, and Amount for each missing remit. 
  2. Once finished, click Next. The information for review displays.
  1. Review all of the information for accuracy. Any invalid information may cause further delay in resolution. 
    • To go back and correct information, click Back as necessary. 
  2. Once finished, click Submit. The confirmation of submission message displays.
    Note: Do not close the window until the confirmation message displays.
  1. Once the confirmation message displays, close the window.
    • To submit another missing ERA inquiry for the same Kareo account and practice, click the here link.

After the missing ERA inquiry is successfully submitted, Kareo Support will reach out to the primary contact indicated on the form via email within two business days. 



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