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Internal Validation Report

Prior to submitting claims to the clearinghouse, the Kareo PM system does an internal check for missing information or discrepancies. When detected, the claim will be rejected so that you can make the necessary corrections.  Because Kareo PM’s report is generated within a few hours after claim submission, corrections can be made in a timely manner. For the most common rejections and resolutions, see the Claim Rejection Troubleshooting Guide.

Note: If a claim is rejected from Kareo PM, all claims associated with the encounter are rejected.

Example of Kareo PM Checks:

  • Patient’s full name, date of birth, gender, address and phone number
  • Guarantor name and address, when guarantor (other than patient) is checked under the General tab
  • If insured is other than patient, insured’s full name, address, ID, date of birth and gender
  • Policy number for both primary and secondary insurance
  • When billing secondary payers, adjudication date on payment received from primary payer
  • When DME-related procedure codes are used on an encounter record, referring physician’s address under the General tab of the referring physician’s record

View Clearinghouse Report - Kareo Callouts.jpg

  1. Reason for rejection.
  2. Click to access the encounter record.
  3. Click to access the specific claim associated with the encounter record.
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