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Track Encounters

From the Find Encounter window, you can do any one of the following:

Note: Some of the tasks listed below are based on the permissions given to you by your Kareo PM application administrator.

  • Create and submit a new encounter; see New Encounter.
  • Find an existing encounter; see Find Encounter.
  • Edit and submit or approve an encounter that is in the "Draft", "Review" or "Rejected" stage; see Edit Encounter.
  • Review and approve an encounter that is in the "Review" stage; see Approve Encounter.
  • Reject an encounter that is in the "Review" stage; see Reject Encounter.
  • Delete an encounter that’s in the "Draft", "Review" or "Rejected" stage; see Delete Encounter.

To track encounters

  1. Click Encounters > Find Encounter in the top menu.
  2. The Find Encounter window organizes encounters based on where they are in the encounter process; click a tab to view a list of encounters that are in one of the below stages:


Find Encounter.jpg


  • All: All encounters.
  • Draft: Entered but not yet completed. There may be a delay in submitting these encounters due to missing information, etc. Any items in the draft stage will need to be completed before they can be submitted for approval.
  • Review: Submitted and ready for review and approval.
  • Approved: Reviewed and approved.
  • Rejected: Encounters that need clarification or corrections. It is recommended to note the reason for the rejection in the Notes section under the General tab of the encounter record.
  • Unpayable: Encounters that do not get billed to an insurance company or a patient. For more information on these types of encounters, see Unpayable Encounters.
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