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Encounter with Eligibility Info Enabled

Administrators have the option to enable eligibility status info on encounter forms. Eligibility info can be enabled on the Encounter Options screen using the checkboxes in the Eligibility Check section. Here is a description of the additional eligibility information available when that checkbox is enabled.

Encounter Screen with Eligibility Status

What Appears on the Encounter Screen?

As an additional safeguard, if you find patient eligibility was not checked before the appointment, you can check eligibility on the encounter before sending out the claim.

  1. View a patient’s primary and secondary insurance’s most recent eligibility information. The eligibility info is colored by status:
  • Insurance is active:  Message in green.
  • Insurance is inactive:  Message in red.
  • Eligibility could not be determined:  Message in orange.
  • Eligibility check never performed: Message in black.
  • Eligibility check is not supported in the PM: Message in black.
  • View report for status: Message in black. This displays when the report has multiple statuses and it's best to look at the full report to determine a patient's eligibility.
  1. Hover over the insurance name to see the policy number.
  2. Check Eligibility and View Report link appear next to each patient insurance. The Check Eligibility link will use the Date of Service in the "From Date" field. 
  3. If a policy is no longer valid or should not be billed, the policy can be deactivated. Inactivate an insurance policy by clicking “Active” beneath the policy name to clear the checkbox, then save the encounter.
    • As best practice, check outstanding claims before inactivating an insurance.

What If Your Encounter Screen Has a Custom Layout?

No problem. If your practice is using a custom encounter view, simply restore the encounter view to see the new eligibility features, and apply your customizations once more.

Right click on the encounter screen and select Customize Layout. Then click Restore. Next, apply customizations by dragging and dropping fields and click Save.


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