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Ambulance Services

If you are billing for ambulance services, scroll down to the Ambulance section of the encounter. Click the arrows next to Ambulance to expand that section and complete the fields as indicated:



  1. Emergency: Check if for emergency service.
  2. Patient Weight: Enter the patient's weight.
  3. Transport Distance: Enter the total distance traveled.
  4. Transport Code: Select the transport code from the drop-down list.
  5. Transport Reason Code: Select the transport reason from the drop-down list.
  6. Pick-Up Address: Enter the address from where the patient was picked up.
  7. Drop-Off Location: Enter the location to where the patient was transported.
  8. Drop-Off Address: Enter the address of the drop-off location.
  9. Time of Service: Enter beginning and end time of service.
  10. Ambulance Certification: Select one or more certification codes that apply to the patient. To add a code, click once on it in the left box, then click the > button to add it to the Selected box. To remove a code, click once on it in the right, then click the < button.
  11. Round Trip Description: If applicable, enter a short description of the round trip service.
  12. Stretcher Purpose: If a stretcher was used, enter the purpose of the stretcher.
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