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About Encounters

Encounters are used to capture information and charges for a patient visit with a healthcare provider in the medical practice. The encounter record can be thought of as a digital version of a Superbill. The encounter record includes general information about the visit, the patient’s condition, the parties responsible for payment and the treatment rendered by the provider.

To track the flow of encounters through each stage of the billing process, Kareo PM features a unique encounter workflow process. This enables the medical office staff to capture encounters at the point of service and route them to the business office, or third-party medical billing company, for billing and claims processing. An encounter is tracked by one of five statuses:

  • Draft: Not yet completed
  • Review: Completed, ready for approval
  • Approved: Reviewed and approved
  • Rejected: Needs clarification or corrections
  • Unpayable: Does not get billed to an insurance company or patient
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