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Text Balance Reminders

Updated: 05/21/2020
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Patient Portal and Patient Payments enabled customers have the option to send Email Balance Reminders or Text Balance Reminders. 

Text Balance Reminders can be sent to patients who have a valid mobile phone number on file and one of the following:

  • In the Platform, Text Messages has been enabled under Patient Communications.
  • In the Desktop Application (PM), the patient is opted into receiving automated phone call appointment reminders within the patient record.

Note: This feature is not available for accounts with Instamed activated. To enable text balance reminders, contact our Support Team for assistance.

Send Text Balance Reminder

Text Balance Reminders are sent to patients within an hour so it is important to only send them during normal business hours (ideally between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM).

  1. Navigate to EncountersSend Patient Statements. The Send Patient Statements - Select Criteria window opens. 
  1. Enter the appropriate criteria to filter patients. 
  2. Click to select the Statement Delivery method "Text".
    Note: To help comply with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations and to also reduce patient opt-outs, this method is not available between Midnight - 3:00 AM for all time zones.
    • To view a sample text message, click Preview
      Note: The text message includes the Practice Name unless a Custom Practice Name was entered in the Patient Statement Options. If a Custom Practice Name was entered, it cannot exceed 50 characters in order for the text to be sent. The recommended length is not to exceed 30 characters. 
  3. Click SHOW PATIENTS. The Send Patient Statements - Confirm Patient List window opens. 
  1. Review the patient list and information. 
    • If applicable, click to clear the checkbox on the left of the patient's name to exclude the patient from receiving a statement.
  2. Click Send Patient Statements. A confirmation pop-up appears. 
  3. Click Yes to confirm. The Text Balance Reminder is sent and the Patient Statements Sent window opens.
  1. Make the appropriate selection to mark the patient statements as sent:
    • "Yes" is selected by default and updates the patient claims status to Pending patient
    • "No": Click to select if the patient claims status should remain as Ready to send statements.
  2. Click Finish

Patient Experience

Patients receive the text message on their mobile device within an hour of the Text Balance Reminders being sent so they can securely make a payment or access the Patient Portal and view the details of their statement. Patients can also reply with STOP to opt out of receiving Text Balance Reminders and UNSTOP to opt into receiving them again.

If the patient replies to the text message with any other inquires, they will receive the following system message: Sorry, we don’t recognize this response. Please reach out to your health services provider with any questions. The message is not customizable and patient responses are not tracked. 

Make a Payment

  1. The patient taps the link provided in the text message. The Make a Payment screen opens.
  2. The patient taps to select the payment amount to pay. 
    Note: The patient can tap I want to see my statement before I pay to access the Patient Portal and view their statement first.
    • "Pay full Amount" to pay the total amount owed.
    • "Pay other amount" to enter a different payment amount.
  3. The patient enters the credit card information.
  4. The patient taps Submit Payment

Once submitted, the payment shows as an unapplied payment under the Online tab of the Find Payment window.


Create Account and View Statement

  1. The patient taps the link provided in the text message. The Make a Payment screen opens.
  2. The patient taps I want to see my statement before I pay. The Welcome to Kareo Patient Portal Create your account screen opens.
    • If the patient has already registered and has an existing Patient Portal account, the Kareo Patient Portal Sign in screen opens. Upon sign in, the Your Bill Details screen appears for them to review the information and the patient would proceed to step 5.
  3. The patient enters all applicable information: Email, Password, Date of Birth, and last four of digit of their SSN.
  4. The patient taps Create Account. The Your Bill Details screen appears for them to review the information.
  5. The patient taps Pay Now to make a payment. The Make a Payment screen returns.