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Prepare Patient Statements

As part of monthly closing activities, patient statements should be prepared prior to submitting for printing and mailing through Kareo's secure third-party mail house or self-printing and mailing from your office.

Prepare Patient Statements

  1. Click Encounters on the top menu and select Track Claim Status. The Find Claim page opens.

PM generate patient statements 1.png

  1. Click the All Claims drop-down arrow and select Ready for Patient Statements.
  2. Click Find Now.

PM generate patient statements 2.png

Settle claims with a $0 or low balance so that a statement is not sent.

  1. Click the Balance tab. Claims are reorganized by balance amount.
  2. Click on a claim in the list with a $0 balance.
  3. Right click and select Settle. The confirmation box opens below.
  4. Enter any applicable details in the Notes section (optional) and click Apply.
  5. Click on each additional $0 or low balance claim in the list and repeat step 4.
  6. Click Cancel when all $0 balance claims have been settled. The confirmation box closes.

PM generate patient statements 3.png

Review and correct remaining claims, as necessary.

  1. Click a claim in the list to highlight it.
  2. Click Open at the bottom of the window. The Edit Claim window opens.
  3. Review the claim, make any necessary changes, and click Save when finished. The Find Claim window reopens.
  4. Repeat steps for additional claims, as necessary.
PM generate patient statements 4a.png
Once your statements are prepared, they are ready to be sent. Learn how to send statements through Kareo's secure third-party mailing house, or self-print and mail statements from your office.