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Add Workers' Compensation Information

Updated: 01/16/2020
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The Workers' Compensation tab of a patient's case is used to add the Workers' Compensation Office information and case number. The Workers' Compensation tab appears when one of the Workers comp options are selected as the Payer Scenario for the case. 

Add Workers' Compensation Information

  1. Navigate to Cases then double click the case to open (or add a new Workers' Compensation case). The Edit Case (or New Case) window opens.
  2. Click the Workers' Compensation tab.
  3. Enter the information:
    1. Click Workers' Comp Office Name to search and select an office.
      • If the office is not listed, click New at the bottom of the Find Workers' Compensation Office window and enter the information. Then, click Save.
    2. The Workers' Comp Case Number provided by the workers' compensation office.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of each window until it is no longer available.


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