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Add Self Pay Case

Updated: 01/10/2020
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When the patient is paying out of pocket, you can add a self pay case instead of billing the insurance company. 

Add Self Pay Case

  1. To prevent duplication, navigate to Cases and verify the case is not in the system then click Add on the right of the window. The New Case window opens.
  2. Enter the General information:
    1. The Name for the case that will help distinguish if from other cases (e.g., Self Pay).
    2. Description (Optional): Information that best describes the purpose or use of the case (e.g., the condition for which the patient is being seen).
    3. Referring Provider (Optional): Automatically populates from the Patient record.
      • If blank, click Referring Provider to search and select the provider.
        • If the provider is not listed, click New at the bottom of the Select Referring Physician window.
    4. "Active?" is selected by default. To change the case to inactive at any time, click to clear the selection.
    5. "Send patient statement?" is selected by default and allows statements related to the case to be sent to the patient. To prevent patient statements from being sent, click to clear the selection.
    6. Click the Payer Scenario drop-down arrow and select Self Pay.
  3. If applicable, remove any insurance policies that were added by default (when there is an existing primary case with policies in the patient's record).
  4. Click Save at the bottom of each window until it is no longer available.



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