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Add Condition Information

Updated: 06/14/2021
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The Condition tab of a patient's case is used to enter information about the cause that prompted the need for healthcare services; this type of information is sometimes required for certain types of claims.

Add Condition Information

  1. Navigate to Cases then double click the case to open (or add a new case). The Edit Case (or New Case) window opens.
  2. Click the Condition tab.
  3. Enter the information:
    1. Click to select the Condition related to.
      • If "Auto accident?" is selected, enter the State
      • If "EPSDT?" (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment) is selected, click the drop-down menu to make a selection if necessary.
    2. Under the Dates section, click the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate Date Type.
    3. Enter the Start Date, and if applicable, enter an End Date.
    4. Click Add. The Type and Start Date is listed in the table.
      • To remove a listed date, click once to select it then right click > Remove. A Confirmation pop-up appears > Yes.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of each window until it is no longer available.


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