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Patient Record Reports

Updated: 03/02/2022
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The Patient record offers quick links to several reports specific to the patient.

Patient Record Reports

  1. Find the patient then double click to open. The General tab of the Edit Patient window opens by default.
  2. Click Reports on the bottom of the window and select one of the following.
    • Patient Transactions Detail: Shows detailed transactions including transaction type, posting date, service date, procedure, provider, service location and outstanding balances.
    • Patient Balance Detail: Shows specific charges that make up the patient's outstanding balance.
    • Patient Statement: Displays the patient's current on-demand patient statement.
      Note: Generating and printing/saving the patient statement report does not update the status of the claims associated with the patient balance. 
    • Patient Financial History: Provides a history of the patient’s financial activity including charges, unapplied payments, and applied payments and adjustments.
    • Patient Detail: Displays general demographic and policy (if applicable) information for the patient including Notes.
    • Itemization of Charges: Provides practice information, the patient's policy information, and charge details including applied payments and adjustments.
  3. Once the report loads, customize it by using the available options if necessary.
    • If customizations were made:
      • Click Refresh on the top right of the window to view the report based on those customizations.
      • To create a Saved Report with those customizations, click Save Report > enter the details > Save.
  4. Once the report has generated, do the following as necessary.
    • Click Print to print the report.
    • Click Excel or PDF to save the report as a file.
    • Click Find to search for a keyword within the report. 
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