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Create New Patient Record

Patient records are used to manage patient information: Demographics, insurance policies, case details, account information, alerts, guarantors, documents, etc. From the patient record, you can also perform real-time eligibility checks on one or more insurance policies.

Once general patient information has been entered and saved, click the tabs at the top of the record to enter cases and patient alerts, view account information and attach documents.

To add a new patient

  1. Click Patients>Find Patients in the top menu.
    Note: To avoid duplication, a best practice is to first search the patient database to see if the patient already exists in the system.
  2. If the patient is not in the system, click New at the bottom.
  3. Enter general patient information. See below.
  4. Once general information has been entered, do one of the following:
    • Click Save to save the record and exit from the New Patient window.
    • Click Save & Add Policy to save the record and add one or more insurance policies to it.
      • Note: After setting up a patient record and adding insurance policy information, the system automatically creates a default case for patient treatment.
    • Click Save & Add Case to save the record and add one or more cases to it.
    • Click Save & Schedule to immediately schedule a patient appointment.

General Information

New Patient - Callouts.jpg

  1. Enter the patient's general information.
  2. Medical Record Number: Optional. Enter a medical record number for the patient.
  3. Contact Information: Enter the patient's address and 10-digit phone number(s).
  4. Send Email Notifications: To opt the patient into email notifications (i.e.: appointment reminders and email statements), check this box and enter the patient's email address.
  5. Enable Auto Phone Call Reminders: To opt the patient into receiving an automated phone call reminder, check this box and confirm a 10-digit home or mobile phone number was entered in the previous step. When an appointment is made in the Appointment Scheduler, the patient will receive one appointment reminder phone call.

Note: The automated reminder will search first for a mobile number; if one is not entered, it will search for the home number.

  1. Providers:Enter provider names as applicable. If a provider is not in the provider list, create a new provider
  2. Guarantor:If the person financially responsible is someone other than the patient, check the box and enter the guarantor's information.
  3. Insurance: Select the default payer scenario from the drop-down list.
  4. Notes: Optional. Enter any notes.
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