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Add NOC (Not Otherwise Classified) Code Description

As part of the new 5010 claim submission requirements, you must provide a concise description of the procedure or services that refer to NOC (Not Otherwise Classified) Codes.

arrow_orange.jpgTo add an NOC description to a service line

  1. In the Encounter window, go to the Procedures section.
  2. Right-click on the line of service that needs a NOC code (or on the Procedure column) and select Customize. The Customization window opens.
  3. Double-click Line Note and Ref. Code. The Line Note and Ref. Code columns are added.
  4. Click the empty cell in the Ref. Code column and select ADD Additional Information from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the empty cell in the Line Note column and type the NOC description as follows:
    • Enter “NOC” in all caps followed by a space.
    • After the space, enter the NOC information (cannot exceed 76 characters). Ensure this field has the information that the payer requires for the non-specific procedure code. (e.g., the NDC of the drug dispensed, name of the drug, quantity billed, and unit of issue.)
  6. Repeat steps 4–5 for all lines of service that require a NOC code.
  7. Click Save when finished with the encounter.

For more information on NOCs, visit:

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