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Updated: 06/04/2021
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System Administrators can activate a new provider within an existing practice or when creating a practice via the New Practice Setup Wizard. Provider information can also be reviewed and edited at any time. 

You always begin with finding the provider before adding or editing a provider.

Find Provider

  • Click Settings > Providers. The Find Provider window opens.
    Tip_Icon.pngTip: When there are numerous providers listed, use the Look For search bar to enter all or part of a keyword for the provider. Then, click Find Now

New Provider

Review the pricing and billing policies before activating a new provider. Once a provider is created and activated, they can be deactivated but not deleted.

  1. To prevent duplication, verify the provider is not in the system then click New at the bottom. The New Provider window opens.
  2. Under the General tab, enter the information:
    1. Full Name: The provider's full name.
    2. User: The provider must be associated with their own unique user account.
      Note: Use a valid email address for the provider to which only they can access their emails for security purposes. Do not use a staff member's email address for providers.
      • If the provider has an existing user account, click to select the user account in the drop-down menu.
      • If the provider is also a new user, click New. The New User Email Address pop-up window appears > enter the provider's Email Address.
        Note: Once the provider has been added, update the user account permissions accordingly. 
    3. Individual NPI: The individual National Provider Identifier assigned to the provider.
    4. SSN: The provider's 9-digit Social Security Number.
    5. Specialty: Click Specialty to search and select the provider's main specialty from the list of taxonomy codes.
    6. Degree: The provider's degree (e.g., DO, MD, PhD).
    7. Date of Birth: The provider's date of birth using the format "MM/DD/YYYY" (e.g., 05/25/1960).
    8. Department: If departments have been set up for the practice, select the provider's department from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, leave it set to None.​
    9. Encounter Form: Select the encounter form used by this provider from the drop-down menu. If this has not been set up, leave it set to None
      Note: If an encounter form is later set up for the provider, return to this and select the appropriate encounter form.
    10. Address: The provider's office address must be a physical location (not a P.O. Box) and include a 9-digit zip code.
    11. Home, Work, or Mobile: Enter at least one phone number for the provider.
    12. Notes: Internal notes related to the provider.
  1. Click the Claim Settings tab to configure the provider's claim settings.
  2. Click the Provider Performance Report tab to configure the reports settings.
  3. Once all settings are configured, click Continue. The Activate Provider window opens.
    • If a new user was entered for the provider, a Confirmation pop-up appears. Click Yes to confirm the new user account creation.
  1. Review the policies. Then, click to select the appropriate option:
    • If the provider does not qualify for the non-physician provider discount, click to select "No, my provider does not qualify for the discount".
    • If the provider qualifies for the non-physician provider discount, click to select "Yes, check to see if my provider qualifies".
      • If your provider has not been assigned an individual National Identifier Number, click to select "No".
        • A pop-up message indicating Kareo is unable to check without a valid NPI and to email for further assistance appears. Click OK.
      • If your provider has been assigned an individual National Identifier Number, click to select "Yes".
        • The Individual NPI auto-populates from the General tab.
  2. Click Yes, Activate Provider Now.
    • If "Yes, check to see if my provider qualifies" was selected, Kareo checks for a non-physician provider discount.
      • If the provider does not qualify or Kareo was unable to validate the NPI, a pop-up message to email for further assistance appears. Click OK.
        • "No, my provider does not qualify for the discount" is automatically selected. Click Yes, Activate Provider Now to create and activate the provider. Email for further assistance.
  1. The Confirmation pop-up appears > Click Yes. The provider is created and activated.

Edit Provider

  1. Find the provider then double click to open it. The Edit Provider window opens.
    Tip_Icon.pngTip: When needed, the provider ID can be found in parenthesis next to the provider name on the title bar.
  2. Make the desired changes under the General, Claim Settings, Documentsand/or Provider Performance Report tab.
    Note: The Documents tab becomes available after creating a provider record.
  3. Click Save. The Confirmation pop-up appears then click Yes to confirm the changes.