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Create a New Procedure Macro

A procedure macro (sometimes referred to as an explosion code) is a special code you create that when entered on an encounter, loads multiple procedures, modifiers, and diagnoses codes into a procedure line item. Since many patient visits are nearly identical, these procedure macros provide a convenient shortcut that can dramatically save time when entering procedures performed on an encounter.

To create a new procedure macro

  1. Click Settings  > Procedure Macros.
  2. In the Look For search bar, enter all or part of a keyword and click Find Now. Note: To avoid duplication, a best practice is to first search the procedure macro database to see if the procedure macro already exists in the system.
  3. If the procedure macro is not in the system, click New at the bottom.
  4. ​Enter the information:
  • Name: Enter a unique name for the new procedure macro. Limit the name to a single word if possible.
  • Doctor: Leave blank to select all providers or choose a name from the drop-down list.
  • Description: Enter a short description that best describes the procedure macro.
  • Active: Check the box to enable the procedure macro for use.​
  1. Click in the Procedure column and enter the first procedure code to be used for this procedure macro. 
  2. Tab to the Mod 1 column and enter the first modifier code that is associated with the procedure, if applicable. If there is more than one modifier to be added to this procedure, tab to the appropriate columns and add the additional modifier codes. 
  3. Tab to the Units column and add the total units for this procedure. 
  4. Tab to the Diag 1 column and enter the first diagnosis that is associated with the procedure. If there is more than one diagnosis to be added to the procedure, tab to the appropriate columns and add the additional diagnosis codes. 
  5. Tab to the Ref. Code column and select a code if applicable.
  6. Tab to the Line Note column and add a note if applicable. 
  7. Tab to the TOS column and select a Type of Service if applicable.
  8. Tab to the Procedures column of the next line item and repeat the above steps to add any additional procedures to this macro. 
  9. Click Save when finished.
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