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Activate Patient Portal

Updated: 11/22/2019
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The Patient Portal is a convenient and efficient way for practices to collect payments and for patients to easily pay their bills online. After activating the Patient Portal, a practice simply collects patient email addresses within the Desktop Application (PM). Then, patients will automatically be emailed when they have a bill and can access their statements online to securely make a payment. Through Patient Portal, practices can view which emails have gone out and when payments come in. 

Activate Patient Portal

  1. Click Settings > Patient Portal. The Kareo Patient Portal activation page launches.
  2. Click Get Started. The Patient Portal Sign in page opens.
  1. Enter the Kareo login email credentials > Click Sign in. The Kareo Terms of Service page opens.
  1. Scroll to read the terms of service. To agree to the terms, click to select "I agree to the terms and conditions". 
    • To download a Request for Electronic Access and Authorization for Email Communication document, click Request and Authorization Document Download.
  2. Click Activate Patient Portal. The Patient Portal Dashboard page opens. 

Note: In order to accept payments through the Patient Portal, set up online payments



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