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Patient Payments Settings

Updated: 09/14/2021
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The Patient Payments settings allow System Administrators to activate Kareo Patient Collect for the practice and view connected Stripe Terminals. Also, Engage subscribers can manage the option to send a credit card authorization form through the Patient Intake workflow.

Navigate to Patient Payments

  • Click Settings > Patient Payments. The Patient Payments window opens.




Patient Payments Settings

Activate Kareo Patient Collect to enable features under the following sections.

  1. Patient Payments: Access the Stripe Dashboard or review the Stripe and Patient Payments FAQs.
  2. Stripe Terminal: Displays purchased terminals that are set up. The status shows as offline when the terminal is powered off or has no internet connection.
  3. Payment Settings: Engage subscribers. By default, the option to send a Credit Card Authorization form through the Patient Intake workflow is enabled. This allows patients to add, edit, or remove credits card(s) on file, and electronically sign the form. To disable, click Off.