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Stripe FAQs

Stripe User Account Information

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How do I see my transaction history in Stripe? Log in to Stripe using the password you created during sign-up. This will allow you to view your transaction history, refund payments, view deposits, and manage chargebacks. 
How can I change the email address that emails from Stripe are sent to? 

In Stripe:

1. Go to the Account Details page and enter a new email address.

2. Click the Done button. 

Stripe will email the current owner's email with a confirmation link. Once the owner clicks the link sent, Stripe will finalize the update.

If there are multiple employees that the account owner would like an email to be sent to when a payment is successful, follow the instructions in this link to the right.


After processing a patient payment, how long will it take before I see this within my bank account?

Stripe clients will receive a deposit within their account 7 days after the payment has been processed

  • If the payment has not been received after 7 days, log into Stripe and confirm your bank information. 
  • Within Stripe, you can see a list of all transfers pending and when they should reflect on Stripe's Dashboard.


How do I search for a payment within Stripe?

You can perform payment searches directly from the Dashboard within Stripe. 

The Stripe Dashboard allows you to search by the following information:

  • Last four-digits of the card number 
  • Card Expiration-Date
  • Card Brand
  • Email Address or Email Domain
  • Amount of Payment
  • Receipt ID from email receipt
  • Stripe-specific identifiers (customer ID and charge ID)


Can I change how often I get a deposit from Stripe?

By default, Stripe accounts are automatically set to transfer the account balance on a 2-day rolling schedule

  • Transfers are made daily.
  • Transfers are composed of the payments that were processed 2 days prior.

To modify these settings to receive a weekly and monthly transfer:

1. Go to the Accounting Settings area of Stripe.

2. Scroll to the Transfers section of the page.

3. Click Change Schedule to edit the existing settings.


Am I going to receive tax forms from Stripe?

Every year, the United States Internal Revenue Service requires that Stripe provide a form called a 1099-K for each account that meets all of the following criteria in the previous calendar year:

  • Account is based in the United States (Owners do not need to be US citizens)
  • More than $20,000 USD in total gross volume
  • More than 200 charges

The 1099-K is a purely informational form that summarizes the sales activity of your account and is designed to assist you in reporting your taxes.

It is provided to you and to the IRS, as well as some US States.


Does Stripe have a phone number I can call?

Stripe does not have a phone number, but you can open a Help Ticket with them by email.

Stripe can be emailed directly at the following address: 



Refunds, Denials, and Disputes

Question Answer
Why was my patient's card declined?

A patient's credit card can decline for multiple reasons. The decline reason will appear in Stripe's Dashboard. 

  • In Kareo, if a payment is denied it will say "This Transaction Could Not Be Processed".

If the reason is not clear, please reach out to the patient and/or the patient's issuing bank for further details.


How can I process a refund?


Can I delete or void a credit card payment within Stripe?

No - payments can only be refunded through Stripe.

Please see question above for instructions on how to refund a Stripe payment.

I just received a notification from Stripe about a disputed charge.  What now?

When Stripe receives a notification of the disputed charge from a patient, they will send the account owner an email with the details.

Stripe will deduct the disputed amount and fee from the account the day after the dispute is received. 

  • If the Stripe customer chooses to respond to a dispute, Stripe will forward any documentation to the patient's credit card company.
  • If the Stripe customer wins the dispute, Stripe will deposit the amount back into the customer's account the next day.



Stripe in the Kareo Platform and Desktop Application


Question Answer
How do I process a credit card while using the Platform?



How do I process a credit card while using the Desktop Application?


How do I process a credit card from an insurance company using Stripe?

Stripe is only used for patient payments as the processed payment will link to a patient's record within the Desktop Application. Stripe also charges a fee for processing the transaction, so it is not recommended to use Stripe to process these payments.

Reach out to the payer for more clarification if this can be distributed by a different method or reach out to your bank to see if they can process this directly.

How can I tell if a payment is from Stripe?

The quickest way to identify if a payment is from Stripe is to confirm the method and authorization number found under Encounters>Find Payments.

These are the characteristics of a Stripe payment:

  • Method will be credit card and the field will be grayed out.
  • Authorization Number will start with a "ch...".
  • Authorization will be a hyperlink

The Authorization number is also referred by Stripe as the Charge Detail ID which is needed when reviewing declined charges. 

The hyperlink will link you to details specific to this charge including a Transaction ID.

How can I delete a patient's credit card on file or edit the credit card details?

A payment card stored in the patient's record can be edited or deleted through the Account tab in the Platform. 

To access this, please review the instructions found in this article.

Can I put a patient on a payment plan using Stripe? No. Currently, the option to place a patient on a payment is not available through the Kareo integration.

Will I receive a swiper from Stripe?

A swiper is not provided by Stripe, but Kareo is integrated with ID Tech card readers to enable the practice to process payments more efficiently.


How can I prevent my patients from using the one-time service link on the patient statement?

Currently, there is no setting within the Desktop Application or Platform which would prevent this link from appearing on patient statements.

As a Kareo Best Practice, we recommend that users add a Global Note to their statements requesting that payments be made in-office.



Question Answer
My patients are not receiving their email receipts!

Receipts can be sent from both Stripe and Kareo.

Stripe Receipts

In Stripe, confirm that this setting has been enabled within your account by following the instructions below:

  1. Log into Stripe.
  2. Select Your Account in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click Account Settings, then choose Emails.
  4. Confirm that the Email customers forSuccessful payments has been selected.
  5. Done.

Kareo Receipts

After collecting the patient payment in the Platform, you can Print or Email a receipt to a patient in the Receipt window that automatically appears.

To view these options, refer to this article.

Funds are being deposited into the wrong bank account! 

These should be going to a provider's bank account from another practice.

For Kareo users who have multiple practices within their Kareo Account, best practice is to log out of Stripe before running a credit card for another practice.

This ensures that you are logged into the correct account.

If funds have already been sent to another provider's account, the practice can either refund the payment from one account and charge the patient's card from the correct account or contact Stripe Support for further assistance.

What happens if I am not receiving funds into my bank account? 

Where are those payments going?

If funds are not being received into your bank account, confirm the bank account information within Stripe.

  • The bank will return the funds to Stripe, which can take up to 5 business days.
  • Stripe will notify the account owner by email
  • Stripe will post a notification in their Dashboard

Once you receive an email from Stripe, re-enter your bank account information. Stripe will then re-try any failed transfers using the new information.



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