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Patient Payments FAQs


How much does it cost?
2.75% + 30 cent per transaction regardless of the transaction type.

Note: Legacy accounts may still be charged different rates for in person and over the phone transactions.

What other charges are there?
None! Unlike some other payment services, we have no monthly, signup, or additional fees.

When do I see my money?
Stripe will deposit the payment (minus the transaction fees) into your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis after the date of the transaction. If you want to see when specific transactions will be deposited, log in to your stripe account for that information.

Can I take payments over the phone?
Yes, you can take payments over the phone.

What is "Card on File"?
“Card on File” is typically used to describe a payment arrangement that doesn’t require the physical presence of the customer, and doesn’t require the customer’s signature.

Will I receive a swiper from Stripe?
A swiper is not provided by Stripe, but Kareo is integrated with ID Tech card readers to enable the practice to process payments more efficiently.


Do I need to have the patient sign something to charge their card when they are not present?
Yes, you need a patient's written permission to take a payment from them when they are not present. We provide a template you can use for this type of authorization here.

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