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Activate Patient Payments Feature (Credit Cards / Stripe)

The Patient Payments feature gives practices the ability to capture credit card payments directly through Kareo PM. The first time you click "Collect Patient Payment," you will be taken through a very brief set up to connect your Kareo PM account with Kareo PM's partner, Stripe, in order to be able to collect credit card payments. Note that only Kareo PM application administrators have permission to do this initial setup.

To collect patient payment with a credit card

  1. Open the patient's record or existing appointment.
  2. Click Collect Patient Payment to initiate the transaction.

Patient Payment with a Credit Card.jpg

  1. You will be asked if the patient is in front of you. Click Yes or No. There are different rates depending on whether you are taking a payment in person or over the phone; for more information on why, see Patient Payment FAQ.

Patient In Front Of You.jpg

  1. Optional: Select "Save this credit card on file?" to securely save the credit card information through Stripe and use it for future payments. Note that you must collect a patient agreement before checking this box. You must have permissions enabled in Kareo to use this option; contact your Kareo PM application administrator if you do not see it.
  2. Enter payment information and click Submit Payment.
  3. You can now print a receipt or enter the patient's email address to send the receipt through email.
  4. The payment is then reflected as an unapplied payment within Kareo PM.

To enable or disable Patient Payments feature

  1. Click Settings > Patient Payments.
  2. Select Enable or Disable from the drop-down menu.