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Edit Collection Category

To edit a Collection Category

  1. Click Settings > Other Lists > Find Collection Categories.
  2. Once you find the collection category, double-click to open it.
  3. Make your changes and note the following:  
  • Dunning Message: Any changes you make to the "Dunning Message" text box will be printed on all future statements for patients who fall within the collection category, and only when the "Send Statements?" checkbox is checked. See New Collection Category for more information.
  • Alert Message: Any message that you add to the "Alert Message" text box will appear at the top of various records in the system for all patients within the collection category (the "Show Automatic Alert?" checkbox must also be checked). See also New Collection Category.
  • Changing the Default Collection Category: If you want to make this collection category the default category, click Set As Default on the bottom of the window.Caution: Be very careful about setting a new category as the default. Once a new category has been selected as the default, all new patients added to Kareo PM will automatically be placed in this category, so be sure this is what you really want.
  1. Click Save.
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