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Set P.O. Box as Remit-To Address on Patient Statements

To use a P.O. box as your remit-to address on patient statements, settings must first be configured in Practice Information and then in Patient Statement Options

Navigate to Practice Information

  1. Choose one of the following to open the Practice Information:
    1. If you have one practice, click Settings > Practice Information. The Practice Information window opens. Continue to step 5.
    2. If you have multiple practices, click Settings > Company > Find Practice and continue to step 2.

PM edit practice info 1.png

  1. Enter all or part of a the practice name in the Look For search bar.
  2. Click Find Now.
  3. Find and double click the practice name in the list. The Edit Practice window opens.

PM edit practice info 2.png

  1. Enter the P.O. Box address under either the Administrator or Billing Contact section.
  2. Click Save.

PM po box 1.png

Update Patient Statement Options

  1. Click Settings on the top menu.
  2. Click Options and select Patient Statement Options. The Edit Patient Statement Options window opens.

PM edit patient statement options 1.png

  1. Click the Remit Address drop-down arrow and select the location where the P.O. Box was added in Practice Settings (Billing Contact Address or Administrator Address).
  2. Click Save to record your changes.

PM po box 2.png

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