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Electronic Claims Options

Updated: 01/21/2020
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The Electronic Claims Options allows you to enable or disable electronic claims billing settings for the practice as needed. 

Note: To manage the electronic claims settings for an insurance company, go to the Electronic Claims tab of the Insurance Company record.

Electronic Claims Options

  1. Click Settings > Options > Electronic Claims Options. The Edit Electronic Claims Options window opens.
  1. Select the appropriate settings:
    1. Click the drop-down arrow to select the Enrollment status.
      • Enrolled in live mode allows electronic claims submission.
      • All other statuses prevent electronic claims submission.
    2. Click to select or clear the selection for the following options as needed:
      • "Disable electronic claims for this practice" disables electronic claims submission.
      • "Enable automatic claim submission for this practice" automatically submits electronic claims with a Ready to submit status. Automatic submissions run daily at 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Pacific Time.
  2. If applicable, enter Notes.
  3. Click Save.


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