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Electronic Claims Options

The Electronic Claims Options task enables a practice to engage in electronic claim services. Prior to activating a practice for electronic claim services, you must first have completed the Kareo PM enrollment process for e-claims; this is a step done during the practice setup. Once you have been notified by Kareo PM that the process is complete, a Kareo PM company administrator, or other person with appropriate permissions, will need to access this task and set the practice to live mode.

Note that you can also configure the enrollment status for a specific insurance company used by one or more practices. See section Electronic Claim Settings.

To set electronic claims options

  1. Open the practice for which you want to activate electronic claim services.
  2. Click Settings >Options > Electronic Claims Options.
  3. In the Enrollment status box, select "Enrolled in live mode" from the drop-down menu. (Do not change this setting unless directed to do so by Kareo PM.)
  4. Click Save.
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