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Change Existing Electronic Payer to Workers' Compensation

An existing electronic payer in Kareo can be easily changed to use an electronic workers' compensation connection through Jopari.

Navigate to Insurance

Click Settings > Insurance > Insurance Companies. The Enrollments dashboard opens.



Change the Payer to Workers' Compensation

To avoid duplication, a best practice is to first search the insurance database to see if the insurance company already exists in the system.

  1. Enter all or part of the insurance company name in the Search field.
  2. Click on the insurance company name to display results.
  3. Click the insurance company name on the Enrollments dashboard. The Edit Insurance Company window opens to the General tab.
  1. Click the Insurance Program drop-down arrow and select WC - Workers Compensation Health.
  2. Click the Electronic Claims tab at the top of the window. 
  1. Click the Clearinghouse drop-down arrow and select Jopari (WC and Auto Only). A pop-up confirmation window opens.
  2. Click Yes in the confirmation window. The Electronic Payer Connection and Clearinghouse Payer ID fields are cleared.
  3. Click Electronic Payer Connection. The Select Electronic Payer Connection window opens.
  1. Enter all or part of the insurance company name in the Look for: field.
  2. Click Find Now. Related results display in the middle of the window.
  3. Find and double click on the insurance company name. The Electronic Claims tab reopens and the selected payer name and ID display.
  1. Click Save. The Edit Insurance Company window closes and all updates are saved.


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