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Add an ePaper Workers' Compensation or Auto Insurance Company

Kareo offers a unique option to submit workers' compensation and auto insurance claims electronically for payers that do not support electronic claims. By setting up these insurance companies as ePaper Payers (also known as "drop-to-paper"), your practice can submit workers' comp and auto claims electronically to Jopari, and they will print and mail the claim to the payer when ready. There is no charge to electronically submit claims to Jopari, however, an additional fee applies for Jopari to print and mail the claim to the payer. (90 cents for the first page and 20 cents for each additional page.)

Navigate to Insurances

Click Settings > Insurance > Insurance Companies. The Enrollments dashboard opens.


Add an ePaper Workers' Comp or Auto Insurance Company

  1. Click +Add Insurance in the upper right of the window. The Add Insurance window opens.

Search Other Tab

  1. Click the Search Other tab.
  2. Click More Filters. The Type, Clearinghouse, and State options open.
  3. Click the Type drop-down arrow and select Worker's Comp/Auto Accident.
  4. Click the Clearinghouse drop-down arrow and select Jopari.
  5. Begin typing the payer name and select it from the auto-populated list.
  6. If the payer does not appear in the results, enter the insurance company name in the search box and click Add to create it as a custom payer.
    Note: Electronic services are not available with custom payers.
  7. Added insurance companies display under Selected Insurances. Note: An insurance company that displays in yellow is either a duplicate in the Selected Insurances list or is an existing insurance company in your account.
  1. Click X to remove an insurance company from the list.
  1. Click Save when all insurance companies have been added. The Enrollments dashboard re-opens and the selected insurance companies display in the list of insurances.

Configure Insurance Company Settings

Once added, it's important to configure each insurance company's settings in Kareo to ensure proper claim submission.

  1. Click the insurance company name on the Enrollments dashboard. The Edit Insurance Company window opens to the General tab.
  1. Name: Enter insurance company name.
  2. Address (optional): Enter insurance company address. Note: This address will not appear anywhere on a claim. Claims will be sent to the address entered for the insurance policy.
  3. Insurance Program: Select WC - Workers Compensation Health Claim or AM - Automobile Medical from the drop-down list.
  4. Default Adjustment: Select an adjustment code from the drop-down list to auto-populate the Contractual Adjustment field when manually posting payments. If you are not sure what to select, leave the selection at Default.
  5. Notes (optional): Enter any notes for your records regarding this insurance company.
  6. Contact (optional): Enter the insurance company contact information.
  7. Scope: select an option from the drop-down list.
    • Practice Specific: The insurance company is available only to the practice you are logged into.
    • All Practices: The insurance company is available to all practices associated with the Kareo account (company).
  8. Click the Practice Settings tab at the top of the window.
  1. Click the Enrollment Status drop-down arrow and select Enrolled in live mode.
  2. Check the following 5 boxes:
    • "Use electronic billing when this payer is secondary"
    • "Send Coordination of Benefits (COB) information"
    • "Provider accepts assignment of benefits"
    • "Exclude patient payments from claims sent to insurance"
    • "Allow zero balance transfers on claims"
  3. Click Save to record your change. The Edit Insurance Company window closes and the Enrollments dashboard reopens.