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Kareo Help Center

Add an Electronic Auto Insurance Company

Submit Auto claims electronically through Kareo's clearinghouse connection with Jopari. You'll receive confirmation from the clearinghouse upon acceptance and proof of timely filing.

Important notes about submitting claims to Jopari:

  • Some insurance companies do not support electronic claim submission and will need to be added as paper-based insurance companies.
  • Jopari does not support Kareo clearinghouse reports. Claim rejections are mailed to you directly from the insurance company.

Navigate to the Enrollments

Click Settings > Insurance > Insurance Companies. The Enrollments dashboard opens.


Add an Auto Insurance Company

  1. Click +Add Insurance in the upper right of the window. The Add Insurance window opens.


Search Other Tab

  1. Click the Search Other tab.
  2. Click More Filters. The Type, Clearinghouse, and State options open.
  3. Click the Type drop-down arrow and select Worker's Comp/Auto Accident.
  4. Click the Clearinghouse drop-down arrow and select Jopari.
  5. Begin typing the payer name and select it from the auto-populated list.
  6. If the payer does not appear in the results, enter the insurance company name in the search box and click Add to create it as a custom payer.
    Note: Electronic services are not available with custom payers.
  7. Added insurance companies display under Selected Insurances. Note: An insurance company that displays in yellow is either a duplicate in the Selected Insurances list or is an existing insurance company in your account.
  1. Click X to remove an insurance company from the list.
  1. Click Save when all insurance companies have been added. The Enrollments dashboard re-opens and the selected insurance companies display in the list of insurances.


Configure Insurance Company Settings

Once added, it's important to configure each insurance company's settings in Kareo to ensure proper claim submission.

  1. Click the insurance company name on the Enrollments dashboard. The Edit Insurance Company window opens to the General tab.


  1. Click the Insurance Program drop-down arrow and select AM - Automobile Medical from the list.
  2. Click Save to record your change. The Edit Insurance Company window closes and the Enrollments dashboard reopens.