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Add Fee Schedule

When creating a new fee schedule, you can easily select how you want to add the procedures and fees: Either manually or by importing or copying an existing schedule. Once added, your Standard Fees list will include all fee schedules, the effective dates of the schedules, the basis or "source" of the fee, and the status.

Add Standard Fee

  1. Click Settings > Contracts and Fees. The Contracts and Fees window opens.
  2. Click Add New Standard Fee Schedule.
  1. Select an option to add the procedures and fees:
    • Import from file: This option provides an Excel template to help you enter your fee schedule in the correct format. Once you have done this, choose the file for import. Once the file is imported, you can make edits to the schedule.
    • Add Procedures and Rates Manually: Enables you to manually enter each procedure and fee. Click Add Procedures & Fees. The Add Procedures + Fees pop-up window opens.
    • Copy from existing Standard Fee Schedule: Allows you to copy a fee schedule that was already created or that is from another practice on your account. After selecting the file to copy, you can make edits to the schedule.

Add Procedures & Fee Window

  1. Select how you will add fees:
    • Add fees manually - Allows you to enter (or modify) the fee amount for each procedure that you add.
    • Base on Medicare - Updates the entire fee schedule based on Medicare rates. The Medicare rates are based on your service location. See notes regarding Medicare rates below.
  2. If you selected to base the fees on Medicare rates, enter a percentage and click Enter on your keyboard. Then, select the Medicare rates you want to base the fees on.
  3. Enter procedure codes, separated by commas, and click Add.
  4. Modifier: Optional. Select a modifier from the drop-down menu.
    • Once the modifier has been selected, a new row will open to add the Contract Rate for that code and modifier combo.
  5. Your Fee: Manual entry of fees.
  6. Medicare: Displays the Medicare rates of the procedure for easy comparison.
  7. To delete a procedure, click to select and click Delete selected procedures at the bottom.
  8. Click arrows to navigate between multiple pages.
  9. Click Continue to complete adding procedures and fees.

Finalize the Standard Fee

  1. Update the e-Claims No Response Trigger and Paper Claims No Response Trigger, if desired.
    • e-Claims No Response Trigger: If the claim status is still "Pending Insurance" after the set number of days, it will be moved to "No Response." The default it set to 21 days.
    • Paper Claims No Response Trigger: If the claim status is still "Pending Insurance" after the set number of days, it will be moved to "No Response." The default it set to 30 days.
  2. By default, all active providers are populated. Click Remove to disassociate the provider from this standard fee.
    Note: Once the standard fee is saved, provider(s) cannot be removed.
  3. By default, all service locations are populated. Click Remove to disassociate the service location from this cstandard fee.
    Note: Once the standard fee is saved, service locations(s) cannot be removed.
  4. When finished, click Save & Submit.
  1. Once the fee schedule is saved, click Back.
  2. Click on the name of the saved fee schedule to enter a valid effective date. By default, the date is set to 1/1/1990.
  1. Enter a valid Start Date.
  2. When finished, click Save & Submit.

Medicare Rates

The Medicare rates provided are based on the most current published Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Relative Value Units. They are calculated with your corresponding Geographical Practice Cost Index (GPCI) and then multiplied by the current conversion factor. Though Medicare values are displayed for the majority of procedures, not all are reimbursable under the Medicare program (i.e.: Outpatient and Inpatient Consultation). Kareo has opted to include these values since commercial payers are still accepting these codes, and the values displayed can serve as a reference for defining your fee schedules. Please consult with your Medicare administrative contractor for confirmation on reimbursable procedures for your specialty and region.

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