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Auto-fill can help speed data entry. Use the Tab key to navigate from one data field to the next. At a drop-down menu, type the first letter of an item in the menu, then click the Tab key to enter it and advance to the next field. If two or more items listed start with the same letter, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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Quick Select

The Quick Select feature aids in locating records and certain data fields such as Patient, Physician or Employer.


In the Search Field on the Toolbar, enter a patient‘s first or last name and click Enter on your keyboard.  If the application finds a match, it will open the record of that patient. If there is more than one match, a list of matching names is presented.

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In a data field such as Primary Care Physician, enter the first or last name of a physician and click Tab on your keyboard. If the application finds a match, it will auto-populate the field.

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City/State Auto-Complete

The Kareo PM application has an automatic city/state lookup feature. In any address box, simply enter a one or two-line street address, click the Space bar on your keyboard, and enter  the zip code. When you tab to the next data field, Kareo PM will automatically complete the address with the correct city and state information.  

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