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Menu Bar

Updated: 06/12/2020
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Use the Menu bar to access a hierarchical list of options within the Desktop Application (PM).

Note: The available options varies based on the user's permissions. 

Menu Options
Practice Open, Close, Lock, and Exit the application.
Patients Create and Find Patients, View Patient Account and Check Patient Eligibility.
Appointments Create and Find Appointments, view calendars, Print Encounter Forms, manage Scheduling Resources, Appointment Reasons, and timeblock calendars.
Encounters Create and Find Encounter, manage electronic and paper claims, Track Claim Status, Send Patient Statements, access Clearinghouse Reports, payments, refunds, and manage Capitated Accounts.
Documents Upload, scan and manage Documents.
Tasks & Messages Create, assign and Find Tasks. View and send Messages.
Reports Manage Saved Reports, view the Reports Guide and generate available Reports within the application.
Settings Manage practice and company settings such as ProvidersService Locations, DepartmentsContracts and Fees, Encounter Forms, Patient Portal and PaymentsProcedure Macros, Insurance Companies and Plans, Users, Codes, Other Lists and Options.
Window Manage the window by adjusting the Toolbar size, showing or hiding the Navigation Pane and Status Bar, switching to Full Screen and toggling between open windows.
Help Access online Kareo Help and Support, Change Password, Get Customer Key, Manage Account and view Kareo version information.


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