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Data Entry Tips

To maintain consistency throughout your records and to aid in doing searches of your data, the following data entry guidelines are strongly recommended:


  • Enter names as first name, middle name/initial, last name (e.g., John L. Davidson) and suffixes at the end (e.g., Robert B. Davis Sr.).
  • Last names, such as McCormack or DeLaTorres, should be spelled as a single name with no spaces.

Mailing Address

  • The Postal Service mailing machines read address information from the last line to the top. To comply with US Mail Standards, if there is insufficient room on the first address line to enter an Apt. or Bldg. number, enter the Apt. or Bldg. number on the first line and street address on the second line.
  • When space allows, always spell out street names. It is okay to abbreviate primary street suffixes (e.g., St., Ave., Rd.) and directional words (e.g., N, NE).
  • Enter Post Office Box as P.O. Box or PO Box.
  • For United States Postal Service address guidelines, visit: 

Punctuation & Characters

  • Always use upper and lowercase letters when entering new data (e.g., Samsun Health Clinic).
  • Enter acronyms in all capital letters without periods (e.g., ABC Company).
  • Use of periods in other data entry field, such as middle initials or street addresses is optional, however, it is important to remain consistent.  
  • Separate month, day and year with the forward slash (e.g., 3/15/10).
  • Do not use a colon (:), asterisk (*) or tilde (~) in any data entry field; these characters can cause claim rejections. Use a period (.) instead.
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