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Updated: 11/05/2020
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When you open a practice, the Desktop Application (PM) dashboard will always be your starting point, much like a "home page". You can access commands through various points, all depending on your personal preference. The dashboard views are based on the type of user and role(s) assigned (applicable for Kareo accounts created prior to May 9, 2016) and/or Web User Roles assigned to you. If you don't have access to a specific task or function described within these help topics, please contact the person in your office who is the System Administrator.

Navigate Desktop Application (PM) Dashboard

The dashboard provides quick and easy navigation to other sections within the system.
Note: What displays on the dashboard varies based on the user currently logged in. The image example is that of a Business Office User with System Administrator permissions.

  1. Menu Bar: Access a hierarchical list of options.
  2. Toolbar: Denotes shortcuts to the most frequently used commands. 
  3. Navigation Pane: Access Shortcuts for frequently used options, currently Open Windows, and the Kareo Status Message page
  4. The Practice Home window displays the following:
    1. Workflow: A visual guide to shortcuts of key processes determined by the type of user.
    2. To Do List: Automatically generated by the system to help track work and guide through key processes determined by user role. 
    3. Toggle between the Payment Velocity gauge and the dashboard charts: A/R Aging or Income Analysis.
    4. Key Performance Indicators: Monitor the key metrics that impact the financial and operational health of the practice.


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